Genius Hacks To Quickyly Identify Your Face Shape

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Remember when sitting on a chair in a barbershop, just saying “the back and sides are short”, and when choosing glasses, can I choose plastic or metal? Well, even though they used to be the best, that day is also a day when you are like Dumbo, and your specifications may double to become a replaceable dustbin lid.

Nowadays, anyone in the styling department who takes care of their budget needs to understand the shape of their skull and how it affects what he can (or can’t) take off. Does John Lennon have a round face? Do not. Does the skin fade on the diamond? Think again.

If all of these things make sense like going to the vegetarian Nandos, please keep reading our failsafe guide to learn how you can get a physical exam in the facial department.

Step 1: The right tool

Of course, you may have used the builder’s tape measure to tap somewhere, but good luck, wrap that hard metal around your head. To make things easier (more accurate), arm yourself with a tape measure (such as that used by tailors).

Then, pick up the notebook, take the following measurements in front of the mirror, and record each measurement with you.

Step 2: Measure the forehead

In order to figure out the shape of your face, you need to find out which parts are longer, which parts are shorter or whether they are actually the same.

The forehead is a good starting point, so it should be measured on the widest part-usually between the eyebrows and the hairline.

Step 3: Measure Your bone

When choosing a hairstyle, the width of the cheek is especially important. Getting it wrong may make your ears feel abnormal.

Adjust the size by placing the tape on the sharpest part, directly below the outer corner of each eye.

Step 4: Measure the lower jaw

Even if you build a building that looks more like Jonah Hill than Henry Cavill, there is a jaw line there.

Measure the angle from the tip of the chin to the upward tilt of the lower jaw under the ear. Of course, you have chins on both sides of your face, so please multiply this number by 2 to get the chin length.

Step 5: Measure the length of the face

What is the difference between a rectangular face and a square face? About two inches. That’s not kidding, it’s true.

To find out the length of the face, measure from the center of the hairline to the tip of the chin with a tape measure. For men with shaved or bald hair follicles on the top of the head, estimate the position of the hairline.

Determine your face shape

Once these measurements are obtained, please note that this is the largest of the four, as this will be a giveaway. Compare your statistics with the profile below to see the information that best describes your face shape.

Oval: The face is longer than the width of the bone, and the forehead is larger than the jaw line. The angle of the jaws is round rather than sharp.

Square: All measurements are very similar. The angle of the jaw is pointed rather than round.

Rectangle/Rectangle: Face length is the biggest measure. The forehead, cheek bone and lower jaw are similar in size.

Round: Che bone and face length measurements are similar. They are larger than the forehead and mandible, and the latter are also similar in size. The angle of the jaws is very soft and almost unlimited.

Diamond: The longest face. Then, in descending order: cheek, forehead and the smallest is the lower jaw. Sharp chin.

Heart: The forehead is larger than the than bone and jaw. Sharp chin.

Triangle: The size of the lower jaw is larger than than bone, and its size is larger than the forehead.

Once you have determined your face shape, you can make smarter choices in everything from hairstyles, beards to sunglasses.

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