Hoping for Full and Well-shaped Eyebrows? Getting Brows Tattoo is Your Way Out

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There’s some pretty crazy beauty trends out there, like python nails and temporary lip tattoos, but would you ever semi-permanently tattoo your eyebrows?

Brows don’t grow back as well with age, while hair loss from alopecia, thyroid disorders, or chemo can also result in bare brows. Sometimes temporary pencils, powders and waxes just don’t cut it.

Introduce brow tattoos: Semi-permanent tattoos on the brow line that use natural vegetable dyes and can last up to two years (just in time for the next en vogue brow shape!). Browhaus NYC specializes in semi-permanent brow service, called the Brow Resurrection. The two-hour treatment is marked at $1,000.

Here is Browhaus NYC’s guide for prepping your brows:
1. You customize your brows.
Aestheticians ask for your desired thickness, color and arch. They’ll pencil-draw your brows first to make sure the shape and shade is spot-on.
2. It shouldn’t hurt.
Browhaus describes the Brow Resurrection as “near painless.” Patients will feel some pressure, or plucking, from the tiny pins. A light eyebrow stabilizing cream is available for extra comfort.
3. It will fade.
If your brows look too defined post-treatment, don’t despair; the stark difference will fade into a natural color and lines will soften.
If it fades too quickly, you can go back for touchups, which are recommended after about two months.
4. You have to care for your “brows.”
You cannot get your brows wet for a week, and need to hold off on swimming and facials for two weeks. Avoid heavy workouts, excessive sun and makeup until it’s healed.

Would you ink yourself for perfect brows?

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