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5 Rules To Follow When Sending Corporate Flowers As Gifts

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Sending gifts is a great way to keep good relations with your clients and co-workers. Therefore, corporate gifts are quite common, and you can use them to celebrate different anniversaries, birthdays, special events, promotions, and more.

Flowers represents one of the most common options, especially if you want to send a gift for a female colleague, client, or a boss. However, it can be a tricky situation with flowers, and one thing that you want to avoid is the situation where the other side might think that you are sending a gift as a way to express personal emotions towards that person.

Therefore, the key is to choose the right flowers. You can find a great selection of flowers and other corporate gifts at givegift.com.hk. Also, we are going to introduce you to some rules that you should know when you are planning to send flowers as a corporate gift.

1. Avoid Red Roses

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The main rule of the etiquette of sending corporate gifts is that you want to avoid confusion where the other side might start thinking that your intentions are emotional. That can led to an awkward situation.

Therefore, avoid buying red roses since they are a symbol of love, and a common gift for partners. The key is to choose something elegant, and the best options for that are combinations of colors like green blue, and white. Therefore, you should choose options like a sunflower, orchid, lilies, and more.

The fact is that people love flowers, and that is one of the best options for a gift. However, the point is to never make it personal with your colleagues and clients. The point is to show a level of appreciation and gratitude.

Another detail that you should check is whether the person is allergic to some flowers. It is not rare that people are allergic to pollen or some other substances in flowers. Sending it to a person that is allergic is not a good way to express gratitude. Also, choosing to avoid types that could lead to health issues will show that you more responsible.

2. Don’t Get Too Personal

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When there is a client that your company wants to surprise with a gift, it can be a mistake if you decide to do that on your own. Sending flowers or some other present to that person by using your name instead of your company’s name can be considered as being too personal. That person might be confused.

Therefore, in case that you are planning to surprise a client for the anniversary of collaboration, birthday, or some other event, keep in mind that the right way to do so is to organize with other people in your company and send a gift as a group.

The same is when you want to send a gift to your boss. There is no reason to that on your own. A much better option is to do that as a group so no one can stand out or compete for getting a better present. Even presents between colleagues in the same office should be determined by the whole group.

3. Don’t Get Too Cheap

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While spending a lot of money on gifts is not a good option, choosing something that is too cheap can be seen as symbolic as well. An even bigger mistake is when you don’t pay enough attention on your selection of gifts for different people. For example, buying a more expensive one for one colleague, and then being too cheap for another one.

People might notice that and consider that as a sign that you appreciate someone else more. If you are interested in buying a gift on your own, the best way is to find a store specialized in corporate gifts. Also, you should determine the budget that you will use for each gift. That will help you avoid confusion and always get the right thing.

4. Stay Professional

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Choosing a bouquet is a simple way to surprise someone. As we already mentioned, it is important to select the right type of flowers. The key for corporate gifts is to focus on elegance. Also, you can always add a note. Still, it can be tricky with notes, especially if you want to be more entertaining. It can be a good option when you are gifting colleagues from the same office.

On the other side, you should consider adding something simple like a motivational quote instead of trying to be funny when you are sending flowers to your important client or boss. There should always be a respectable distance that you should follow in corporate relations.

5. Best Events For This Gift

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Sending a lot of flowers all the time is not a good solution. Again, you don’t want someone to start thinking that it is personal and that might have something with your emotions. T

he proper way of sending flowers is for a birthday, work anniversary, when someone is sick, when someone is promoted, or for the retirement party. Sending random gifts without a clear cause is not a good solution as well. You should never use corporate gifts in that way.

The Bottom Line

There is a wide selection of flowers that you can choose a perfect corporate gift. The key is to avoid those options that could lead the other side that you are attempting something personal. The point is to never express your emotions, but only a sign that you care about your colleague, boss, or client.

Since there are so many potential mistakes, one of the best ways to send the right corporate gift is to do that as a group and in the name of your company. For example, a whole office can collect the money and buy one present together.

Also, when you are sending a gift to a client, use the name of the company instead of yours. That will make it less personal, which is the key when sending corporate flowers and other gifts.