10+ Best Everyday Sock Brands For Men Of All Styles In 2020

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Best Sock Brands For Men

When it comes to men’s fashion choices, socks are either the very first or very last clothing item that comes to mind. Some men enjoy wearing unique and patterned socks that can make a classic suit stand out from the crowd, while others wear plain socks to work or gym and enjoy the simple and functional designs. Whatever the occasion, we have curated a list of the best sock brands for men. The following includes different types of socks for men such as best men’s athletic socks, best men’s ankle socks, best dress socks for men, and best everyday socks… Keep scrolling to see the brands that produce the best socks for men!

1. Nike

Simplicity, bold, and functional designs are some of the characteristics of Nike socks. As a world-wide recognized sports brand, Nike can innovate and provide sustainability through both its products and its mission statement. For all of your recreational needs, Nike socks will have you sorted, and you will remain on-trend as well. Their simple designs are the major that they have one of the best everyday socks. As a sportswear brand, they also offer the best men’s athletic socks and best men’s ankle socks. Some of their sock designs are also suitable to be the best dress socks for hot weather!

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Nike Socks

2. Adidas

Adidas is a sporting fashion brand that has been providing its services across the world for over 70 years. The Adidas logo is such a recognizable symbol, and it looks great on clothing, accessories, and socks. Find the classic three stripes on your socks and feel the sudden boost of confidence when taking part in sports or casual activities. Their best men’s athletic socks are also one of the best everyday socks. Also, they offer the best men’s ankle socks so you can wear them with shorts.

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Adidas Socks

3. Missoni 

Missoni provides the ultimate sock collection for any event or occasion. Every man can find their perfect choice of cotton-blend or knit-blend socks with Missoni’s patterned and colorful selections. Vibrant colors and unique shapes are the essences of Missoni’s sock designs, which is why many men can find a perfect pair. Missoni has one of the best casual socks for men daily jeans and best dress socks for men.

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4. Happy Socks 

As the brand name suggests, Happy Socks provides the perfect collection of bold colored socks that are sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Happy Socks create their designs with the motive of being able to express yourself and your personality. You can make a statement with your new pair of vibrant, bold, and uniquely patterned socks that will encourage others to feel happy too. Their playful designs of best socks become one of the trending men’s socks.

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Happy Socks

5. Givenchy 

If you’re after sleek, classy, and simple socks, then Givenchy is the brand for you. This high-end label offers comfort and class across all the products. Givenchy channels an elegant and sophisticated vibe and provides a selection of socks for different occasions.

Givenchy Shocks

6. Gucci 

If you are after trendy and statement-making designs, Gucci is for you. Their unique patterns are striking and unforgettable. Quality craftsmanship paired with innovative and bold ideas is Gucci’s identity, which is reflected in their sock designs.

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Gucci Socks

7. Alexander McQueen 

If you enjoy casual and cool sock designs, then Alexander McQueen is the perfect brand for you. With a forward-looking approach, Alexander McQueen’s latest sock collection is trendy, stylish, and suitable for everyday activities. Some of the designs of Alexander McQueen’s socks are the best casual socks for men daily jeans!Alexander Mcqueen

8. Calvin Klein 

If you are after sleek comfort and trendy sock designs, then look no further than Calvin Klein. The Calvin Klein brand thrives on bold, seductive, and minimal aesthetics, which have been the base foundation since 1968 when the brand was established. Express your individuality through Calvin Klein socks with many unique or simple designs on offer. Calvin Klein has one of the best casual socks for men daily jeans.

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Calvin Klein Socks

9. Hugo Boss 

For those of you who enjoy a brand with a great heritage and unique designs, Hugo Boss is the one for you. Whether you’re an old soul or genuinely prefer much more vibrant yet casual designs, Hugo Boss will have the right selection for you.

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Hugo Boss Socks

10. Off-White 

The Off-White brand channels street-wear and couture all in one. Offering casual designs that have an extra touch of out-of-the-ordinary magic, you can be assured that this brand will only offer the very best. Striking graphic prints are displayed throughout their clothing items and can be seen on their collection of socks. Step out of your comfort zone and try some vibrant, unique, and abstract pairs of socks with the Off-White brand.

Off White Socks

11. Thom Browne 

Thom Browne is an American-based fashion company that has inspired men’s fashion for many years. Located in the heart of New York City, the brand captures the lifestyle of those around them, which is incorporated into the sock designs. Ranging from stripes, symbols, and basic logo socks, there is a selection of items that can suit everyone’s needs. Find comfort and effortless statement pieces with Thom Browne’s sock collection. Their classic and basic designs allow their best socks to become one of the best dress socks for men and the best dress socks for hot weather.

Thom Browne

12. Ted Baker 

Being a fashion brand located in London, you can be assured that Ted Baker knows how to spice up your sock drawer and add a flash of color and texture to any outfit you pull together. Let your socks be the first thing people notice as they witness you expressing yourself through the brand’s bright and unique patterns. If you enjoy adding an unusual touch to your outfit, then these socks are perfect for you as there is a wide range of whacky designs on offer. Their unique patterns on the best socks are trending men’s socks pattern as every man would like something different. They are one of the best dress socks for men but may not be the best dress socks for hot weather due to the material and thickness of the socks.

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Ted Baker Socks

13. Paul Smith 

Paul Smith is a UK-based fashion company which had its very own retail store first open up in London in 1979. Providing men with a range of fashionable clothing and accessories, you can be sure to find a stylish pair of socks to boost any outfit.

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Paul Smith Socks

14. Bugatchi 

Bugatchi is an American-based men’s fashion company that strives to create classic and timeless pieces for any occasion. Whether it be work, casual activities, or downtime in bed, Bugatchi has the perfect pair of socks for you. Keeping innovation, elegance, and resilience at the core of their designs, the brand provides a great variety of options for every man.

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16. Bonobos 

Bonobos is a modern men’s fashion brand that provides innovation and class. Their range of socks offers a selection for work or special occasions and a variety of fun and cool designs.


If you have to stay at home or work from home mostly in 2020, the above best socks brands are definitely something essential to your loungewear to protect and keep your feet warm! Try out these trending men’s socks!

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