20 Best Loungewear Brands for Women in 2020

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Best Loungewear Brands

These days, we’re spending a lot of time indoors. From the bedroom to the kitchen, we’re all making the rounds and keeping everyone safe at the same time. So when it’s time to lounge about the living room, it’s a great idea to do it in style. These brands provide extreme comfort and stunning designs, leaving you feeling luxurious and ready to relax. From morning to night, and from the kitchen to the mailbox, here are the best loungewear brands that everyone is wearing right now and some of the brands are also providing loungewear that you can wear out. Check out the following best loungewear brands and best women’s pajama in 2020!

1. Free People 

Combine the festival styling with a sprinkle of luxury, and you’ve found Free People. This loungewear provides comfort and beauty wrapped into one, with styles that suit everyone. Choose from a silky pair of shorts, a fleece sweater, or some active-ready workout gear. Whether you’re lounging on the couch or practicing yoga in your living room, you’ll be feeling your best wearing this gorgeous brand. Some of their fashion pieces are loungewear you can wear outside by matching sets.

Free People

2. Baserange 

Basernage’s simple philosophy of comfortable clothes will last the test of time. These stylish and delicate pieces, from socks to jumpsuits, will provide endless wear and keep you comfy during your stay at home. The pieces are so timeless that you can wear them with your PJs or workwear – keep these in your wardrobe, and you’ll be ready for any occasion! Baserange also offers loungewear you can wear outside.


3. Skin 

Using high-quality fabrics and cutting-edge designs, Skin provides comfortable and stunning loungewear for everyone. These pieces are made to be seen, thanks to its organic cotton and gorgeous designs. For the days where you just want to relax, and while you’re working around the house, there’s something here to suit you. Opt for a two-set, dressing gown or a nightie – there are so many options for you to choose from.


4. Hanro

Enjoy pure luxury on your skin with Hanro. This Swedish designer creates artistic and stylish loungewear and is perfect for everybody. The sleek and funky pajama sets are so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them everywhere you go, and the slinky singlets and shorts look great on all figures. For the colder months, opt for the wool and silk blend leggings, which will provide extreme relief after a long day. Hanro offers one of the best loungewear


5. Pact 

Stay stylish and do your part for the environment while wearing Pact. This sustainable and sleek brand provides comfortable clothes without harming the planet. Every piece is made with organic cotton, and the designs are so versatile that you can wear them all year long. Try your hand in a T-shirt pajama set or feel fresh in one of their nighties. There are so many options to choose from that you’ll want something in every color.


6. Eberjey 

Look and feel you’re best while wearing Eberjey loungewear. This super cute and comfy brand boats stunning designs, leaving you feeling relaxed and stylish. The luxurious fabrics provide an enjoyable experience, whether you’re lying on the couch or doing work from your laptop. With a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, the only decisions you’ll be making is which piece of clothing to wear each day. Women’s 2-piece lounge set is always the good idea to look dress up without effort at home.


7. Bras N Things 

Stock up on your essential loungewear with Bras n Things. This slinky and sexy sleepwear makes for the perfect outfit to lounge around the house in, and there’s a style to suit everyone. From nighties to shorts and pajama sets, you can try something new for every day of the week. There’s a myriad of jewel shades, soft and buttery hues and classic tones to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of fun figuring out your next outfit! Bras N Things offer Women’s 2-piece lounge set! Check out the following floral pattern Women’s 2-piece lounge set!

Bras And Things

8. Bluebella 

Take your loungewear to the next level by wearing Bluebella. Sleek and slinky pajama sets with lacey inserts are the perfect choice for a waltz around the house, and the satin sets are worth showing off. Some of these pieces are sexy and stylish, and the sultry details to every piece will make you want to lounge around forever.


9. Ann Summers 

Stay comfy and look gorgeous at the same time while wearing Anne Summers. This sexy and seductive brand offers a wide range of attire for home, from nighties to dressing gowns and everything in between. The patterns are delicate and sultry, and the fabrics are so luxurious that you won’t want to wear anything else. Ann Summers offers sexy skin loungewear and you can find more on their websites.

Ann Summers

10. Entireworld 

Enjoy pure comfort and stay environmentally friendly while wearing Entireworld. This brand provides super cute basics that are made with organic cotton. The bright colors are sure to add a touch of sparkle to your day – opt for a lemon yellow, cherry red or mint green sweater when the weather starts to cool. Grab a pair of matching tracksuit pants, and you’ll be ready to spend your best hours indoors. Their colorful loungewear is your best choice for working from home loungewear to cheer yourself up! They are definitely the best women’s pajamas in 2020.


11. Tommy Hilfiger 

Put a high fashion spin on your loungewear with Tommy Hilfiger. The iconic blue, red, and white stripes will brighten your day, and the comfortable cuts and styles will have you feeling relaxed. Choose from T-shirts, tracksuit pants, sweatshirts, and underwear – all of them are crafted with luxury fabrics to ensure pure happiness. Once you put this on, it’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. Some of their items are loungewear that you can wear out or loungewear you can wear to work.

Tommy Hilfiger

12. Fleur du Mal 

Feel as if you’re walking through a garden wearing Fleur du Mal. This loungewear is dripping with lace and silk and ensures maximum luxury with every wear. Walk throughout the house in a satin dressing gown, and make your way to the kitchen in a pair of delicate shorts. These pieces are so stunning that you can wear them inside and outside the house – add a leather jacket to a silky slip and some combat boots and you’re ready to go, even if it’s just to the mailbox! This is one of the luxury loungewear brands with loungewear you can wear to work for online meetings at home!

Fleur Du Mal

13. Papinelle 

Enjoy plush and fluffy comfort within your home while wearing Papinelle. This comfortable and luxe sleepwear brand provides stunning pieces of clothing that are perfect for lounging around the house. The clothes are covered in delicate florals, silk finishes, and gorgeous silhouettes that flatter every body type. This brand instantly elevates your sleepwear, and is worth showing off!


14. Cosabella 

Put a high fashion spin on classic sleepwear with Cosabella. The traditional piped pajamas are elevated with bright pops of colors and soft-touch finishes, which make your daily activities that extra bit more luxurious. The jersey fabrics are natural to move around in and provide flexibility so you can sit, read, and do whatever you like without having to change your clothes. If you are looking for the best loungewear sets, you should try Cosabella skin loungewear as your best quarantine loungewear.


15. Homebodii 

Luxurious comfort is only a few steps away, thanks to Homebodii. These silky pajamas are comfortable to lounge around in and are cute enough for a photo shoot at home. The stunning robes are long and feature lace finishes, which look amazing with a silky set in pink, blue, or white. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, and there’s something perfect for everyone! They provide the loungewear you can wear to work at home for online meetings by just adding a blazer to your lace silk top. As one of the luxury loungewear brands, Homebodii offers the skin loungewear that are best loungewear sets and best quarantine loungewear!


16. Lunya 

Lunya is a loungewear brand that’s essential for the modern woman. These effortless and stylish pieces combine tasteful styling and world-class tailoring, which provides flattering silhouettes for everyone. The fabrics are endlessly soft and keep their shape for years on end, and the colors available suit an extensive range of personal tastes. The elastic sleeves wrap around your wrists and ensure absolute comfort every time you wear it.


17. Calvin Klein 

This classic brand has continued to create luxurious loungewear for more than 40 years. These elegant and timeless designs will keep you feeling relaxed and in control of your day, no matter the weather outside. Choose from a range of leggings, loose-fitting T-shirts, singlets, and more. The soft fabrics allow your skin to breathe and keeps your movement flexible as you go about your day inside. Looking for the best wfh leggings? Calvin Klein offers the best wfh leggings! These best wfh leggings are comfy and warm enough for you to move around the house.

Calvin Klein

18. Lou & Grey 

If you’re a fan of loungewear that is so unbelievably soft, then you can’t look further than Lou & Grey. These comfortable and plush sweats, shorts and singlets are available in a range of colors, textures, and silhouettes so that you can choose something perfect for you. If that’s not enough, this brand works with HERproject-affiliated warehouses that support sustainable fabrics and high standards. You’ll want to wear this attire every day of the week, and never want to take it off. They are comfy enough to be your working from home loungewear or loungewear you can wear outside.

Lou & Grey

19. Olivia Von Halle 

Step back in time while wearing Olivia Von Halle. Taking inspiration from Coco Chanel and the roaring ’20s, every piece is crafted with printed silk and velvet, so you can look flawless while lounging on the couch. Choose from something with jaw-dropping eye patterns and find inspiration from kimonos from Japan. The pieces are so stunning that you will want to show the designs off to everyone in the house. They offer the best loungewear sets and the best quarantine loungewear. The quality of their loungewear also truly matches with its luxury loungewear brands.

Olivia Von Halle

20. Micha Lounge 

Take it from the garden to the kitchen in the stunning Micha Lounge. These fluffy and comfortable pieces provide comfort with every wear and will have you feeling your best no matter where you are in the house. This brand specializes in knitwear so that you can wear them in and out of the house. When it’s time to water the garden outside or check the mail, you can rock this brand, knowing that you’re doing it in style! Some of their knitwear items are loungewear that you can wear out! They are also a good idea to act as working from home loungewear and suitable for online meetings at home.

Micha Lounge

Hope these best women’s pajamas in 2020, the best loungewear sets and luxury loungewear brands can bring more ideas for you to live a comfy and stylish lifestyle at home while working from home!

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