20+ Best Women Running Outfit Ideas For All Weathers And Activity Levels! (2021)

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What To Wear Running


Heading out for a run can be a great way to stay fit. However, finding the right outfit to wear throughout the year can be a little bit of a challenge. From a jog in January to a sprint in September, there is perfect athletic wear for the occasion. If you’re not sure what to rock while out for a cardio session, you have come to the right place. With these workout ensembles, you’ll be ready for a marathon, all year round!


What to Wear Running

What to Wear When Running in the Cold Winter

When it’s cold, it may seem wise to rug up a lot. However, when you’re going for a run, you’ll definitely warm up without really trying. Opt for a pair of warm leggings, a long-sleeved compression top and a vest. If it’s incredibly cold, swap into a lightly padded jacket and gloves. Keep your ears warm by wearing a thick headband, and you’ll be jogging all day.


What To Wear When Running In The Cold Winter



Running in the Snow

Don’t let the snow stop you from keeping active. When the temperature drops, opt for a padded jacket or vest, worn with a compression and heat-trapping top underneath. Fleece-lined leggings work well in freezing temperatures. Make sure you’re wearing a pair of runners that have a good grip. Avoid cold fingers by wearing gloves, and protect your ears by rocking a beanie.


Running In The Snow


Running in the Rain

Even when it’s raining outside, you can get active and start your day feeling right. Depending on the temperature, wear 3/4 or full-length compression tights, with non-slip runners. To avoid soaking right through, opt for a light waterproof running jacket with a hood. Be sure that you keep your hair up in a ponytail, so you can avoid having cold and wet strands of hair sitting on your neck.


Running In The Rain



Running at Night

Running at night may seem daunting, but it’s a great way to get yourself outdoors and keep active. If you’re a fan of dark shades, wear brightly coloured shoes that glow in the dark, even if they just have an illuminated logo. Many pieces of athletic wear have reflective fabrics, so it’s essential to utilise them when you’re outside. Always be sure that you keep safe when you’re jogging late at night, make yourself bright so everyone can see you!


Running At Night



Running in Summer

Running along the beach or in a park feels best when it’s warm outside. To prevent becoming too hot and sweaty a singlet and shorts are always a good idea. If you’re heading out for a long run, opt for a light T-shirt and compression leggings. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you head out to protect your skin.


Running In Summer



What to Wear When Running in 30 or 40 Degree Weather

Although summer is a beautiful season to get active, it can be hard to dress appropriately for sweltering weather. For the days where it gets above 30 degrees, be sure that you wear a piece of clothing that allows you to breathe and keeps you cool. Options include a singlet, sports bra and shorts, or light-weight compression leggings. It’s essential to keep yourself hydrated during these days, so keep a water bottle with you, and wear lots of sunscreen to avoid heat-stroke.


What To Wear When Running In 30 Or 40 Degree Weather




What to Wear to a Mud Run

Let yourself get a little messy when heading to a mud run. This occasion best suits activewear that you won’t mind getting a little dirty, so opts for something in dark colours. Mid-length leggings work best in these environments, and depending on the weather, a singlet or lightweight t-shirt can keep you feeling fresh.


What To Wear To A Mud Run



What to Wear to Colour Run

If you’re a fan of bright shades, this is the race for you. As the name suggests, the Colour Run is an activity where you can throw tinted powder at each other, have lots of fun and keep fit all at once. For this event, it’s best to wear clothes in the paler variety, so you can really see the results afterwards. If you’d prefer to dress up, wear something fun like a tutu or rainbow patterns. Opt for athletic wear that you’re not afraid to get dirty – the bolder, the better!


What To Wear To Colour Run




What to Wear to a Long Run

Heading out for a long run can be a bit daunting, but not when you’re dressed for the occasion. No matter how far the distance is, make sure what you’re wearing is ultra-comfortable. Depending on the weather, bring along a light jacket or hoodie so you can stay warm. To avoid chafing or cold legs, opt for compression tights in either full or 3/4 length, and don’t forget to bring a water bottle and wear supportive runners.


What To Wear To A Long Run



What to Wear with Grey Running Shoes

Combine sport with luxury in a pair of grey running shoes. You can wear them to almost any occasion, and they make you look cooler instantly. Pair them with pastel shades such as powder blue, mint or baby pink to make the outfit pop, or neutral tones such as camel, gold and mustard to create a deeper combination. Watch as everyone’s eyes stay on you as you run past!


What To Wear With Grey Running Shoes



What to Wear with White Running Shoes

Keep it cool in white trainers. Funky, fresh and oh-so-stylish, the pale shoes look best with monochromatic outfits or shades of the darker variety. Make the sneakers pop by wearing an all-blue ensemble, or create an ombre effect by wearing black on top, working your way down to lighter tones at the bottom. This footwear is best suited to warmer months, as they’re less likely to get dirty.


What To Wear With White Running Shoes



What to Wear Under Tights and Leggings

The choice of underwear during a run may not seem important, but they play a huge role in comfort while you run. Avoid options made from 100% cotton, lace or satin – these can cause a sweat rash and make you feel awkward while you work out. It’s best to sport a pair of seamless microfibre bottoms that wick moisture away from the body and don’t show any panty lines.



What To Wear Under Tights And Leggings


What Socks To Wear With Running Shoes

When it comes to running, the pair of socks you choose to wear is incredibly important. If you’re working out in the summer, your feet will sweat a lot more, so it’s best to rock something made from synthetic fibres. These include polyester, acrylic and other moisture-wicking fabrics. As a general rule, you should opt for something low-rise or ankle length, unless you’re on the soccer field. If you’re feeling stylish, why not get kicking in a cute pattern or bold colour? No matter what you choose, your feet will thank you!


What Socks To Wear With Running Shoes




What Running Shoes to Wear

This is one of the most crucial decisions to make before going for a run, so always choose running shoes that offer ultimate support. There are many different types of footwear that you can choose from, depending on the kind of workout you’re planning to do. Running sneakers have cushioning in the sole, and have a special sole design, making it easier on your joints when you jog. As feet sweat during exercise, be sure that you find a pair with mesh, allowing the skin to breathe. No matter what you select, the most critical part is the comfort they provide.


What Running Shoes To Wear

What to Wear for Running

  • Comfort is key – always wear something that is easy to move in and isn’t too restrictive.
  • Wear fabrics that can wick moisture away from the body – it helps prevent sweat rash and any discomfort.
  • Find a pair of running shoes that support the arch of your feet.
  • Have fun with a running outfit. Don’t be scared to stand out!

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