[COVID-19 Clothing Tips] Learn Why Sustainable Sports Clothing Will Be Important During Quarantine

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Sustainability is a big topic these days. This is especially true in the sports clothing world. While there is always a lot going on in the sports and clothing world, there have been recent sudden changes that could potentially impact the industry forever. Just take COVID and sports gambling, for example. These are two areas where the sports industry has seen major impacts that will likely shape the industry forever. Unfortunately, this is not the only area where changes might be occurring. It seems that some sporting teams and sports clothing manufacturers might consider making major changes to make their clothes sustainable. Why will this be important and how will it impact the industry?


What Are Sustainable Sporting Clothes?

Sustainable clothing is something that is getting more and more recognition these days. Despite this, there are still a lot of people unfamiliar with the concept or the industry. Well, sustainable clothing really can be dated all the way back to hemp, maybe before. When most people think about sustainable clothes though, they think about hemp. This is kind of a good and bad thing. First, hemp clothing has long been an acceptable way to make clothes. It is a tried and proven method. This is good. The bad is that most people don’t like the way they look, which automatically turns them off on the entire concept. Everyone should be aware of the fact that today’s sustainable clothing has come leaps and bounds from what it once was.

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Getting A Trend Going

Sustainable clothing in the sports industry will be major for one reason. Well, there are a number of reasons really, but the biggest impact that it could have would be the following trend that ensues. Just look at the number of fans that go out and buy jerseys, shoes, shorts, and hats all tailor-made after their favorite sports teams and players. If players started wearing sustainable clothing, it would only encourage these fans to do the same thing. It would likely open the industry up to reach new heights that its never seen before all the while doing wonders for the environment because Tencel fibers enhancing fabrics by keeping your skin feeling pleasantly comfortable.

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Less Washing Cycles

Clothes need a lot of washing and caring for, but it is sports clothing that takes the biggest beating. This is just another area were sustainable sports clothes could make a major difference. One of the biggest perks of sustainable fibers and clothing is that they are engineered to repel stains, dirt, and debris in a different way than traditional fibers do. Simply put, they shouldn’t need to be washed as much. Washing clothes has a huge impact on the environment. Think about all the water and electricity that goes into a single washing cycle. It’s a lot and given the fact, that some sports attire requires washing two times a day, a lot of sports teams are burning the environment’s resources like crazy.


As you can see, sustainable sports clothing could have a major impact on the environment as well as the sporting industry. It is not only a trend that could make the environment greener, but it is one that could spark a revolution amongst fans. The more people that become aware of sustainable clothes and what they can offer, the bigger propensity there is for the environment to be a safer place.

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