Hottest Hairstyles For Men To Look Smart and Neat in 2021

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The refreshing appearance only costs a small drink. Yes, you can spend the equivalent of a small car in a new wardrobe, but if you dare to say something other than “usual”, then sitting in the barber’s chair for 45 minutes can achieve the same effect. In addition, if this is our favorite barbershop-plush seats, hot towels and craft beer-it will be more enjoyable than a parade on the street.

So, what are we going to do for you today? If you want to deal with the 2020 hair trend, you can take one of two ways: messy or military. Some cuts prefer texture and grunge-style long hair, while other cuts are a sharp short back and sides or an expressionless buzz cut.

From fashion week to your work week, here are tips for the best men’s hairstyles of the year.

Textured crop

Since the terrible bowl cut in the 90s and the acne-inducing emo side sweep in the 90s, wise men have instinctively provided great bunks for bangs. In most cases, this is a wise hedging measure. But the big shots on the margins this year—texture crops—are neither precise nor antisocial, and they are flattering to most people.

In short, this style is a mix of short back and sides, where the length of the top is based on gravity rather than gravity. Robbie Burt of Sharps Barber and Shop in London said: “The messy tailoring suits your own natural growth method.” “For those with natural thick hair, this is the best choice. You should ask the hairdresser for a tall and tight makeup, but you should leave enough length on the top, which should be cut into a thick, square texture.”

This style comes from a wake-up method similar to this hairdressing school, so if you have thousands of hairs out of season, that would be a good thing. Burt said: “It’s almost no fuss to maintain this style.” “By applying a matte paste with your hands and then spreading it evenly on your hair, you can make the look softer and softer.” If your Rick ( Rick) is more beautiful than bird’s nest (S bird’s nest), then you are still eligible to apply. “Create smart, smoothing products by using water-based pomade.”

Photo by Andrew Dick of Pexels

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Undercut Guff

Quiff is the default hairstyle for teenagers. These hairstyles have too many hormones and too many cheap hair products. However, this year’s version is not so easy. It can be seen that the sophisticated comber surpasses the towering rigidity through the sharp contrast undercut and the superb frosted texture, and enters the serious adult hairstyle stage.

Before considering which industrial-strength hairdressing products can hold your hair in place, consider cutting your hair first. This will make maintaining this style much easier. “Ask your hairdresser to disconnect the side connections from the top of the Zero Clipper to create a blunt contrast in length,” said Bradley Smith, creative director of Bradley Smith Hair Heathrow. “Then you need to gradually reduce the taper on the neck and sides, while leaving a certain length at the top, and your tassel will leave room to create texture and volume at the front end.”

Those who are familiar with holding a pencil in place will know that technique (and stable hands) is everything. Smith said: “First, dry the hair with a towel until it is slightly moist, then apply the styling agent.” “Use a small spray of sea salt to blow all the way to the roots of the hair, and then use a round brush to dry the hair to shape the hair. , To make the hair texture and volume. Next, apply a coin-sized clay to the hair, and then use your fingers to create the texture. To make the look more perfect, use booster powder to braid the hair together.”

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Tapered high tights

Don’t you really like long hairstyles? Can you leave your hair alone? Don’t you want to look like an egg with human characteristics? This year’s cone sound exudes a strong sound on your street. This short, low-maintenance style borrows the buzz-cutting CBA attitude, but leaves you with the peak of fun.

High and tight is a classic that lacks time and pays attention to style, but in the wrong position, it may get some special services. “For the sleek version of the basic short back and sides, the scissor protector is required to have a small cutout tapered high and tight state on the top or side,” Smith said. “The finished cut should echo tradition, but the top cut and sharp texture length will lead to a modern feel; think of Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds.

Most of the techniques for this style depend on your hairdresser, so once you survive the awkward chair chat, the hardest part is over (although you must return regularly). Smith said: “Apply a layer of fiber paste on towel-dried hair and distribute the product from back to front to create an overall natural but clever appearance that creates weight and texture.” Smith said.


Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

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Messy Man Bob

Since ancient times, long, messy hair has always been a protective ground for rebels and grunge waste. It is thought that men will happen to have this hairstyle when grooming leaves the window. Despite some TLC and exquisite scissor design, the long lock doesn’t need to stain you like a soap Dodge. Hair that has slightly messed up the mid-shoulder length has great potential to reach the sacred midpoint between effort and no effort. Look at people like Timothée Chalamet and Kit Harrington, who are the best guardians of chaotic men.

Although this year’s move will undoubtedly make it smarter, but avoid anything that is too smooth. This will bring you into the territory of ABBA Salute Band. “This style can be applied to people of any thickness or texture. To handle it correctly, the key is to ensure that your hairdresser adds layers that match the shape of your face and hair texture,” Burt said. “Sturdy shapes should be cut into the outer layer of the hair to create flow or fall within the hair, ensuring that the weight and balance are evenly distributed.”

Happily, this cutting does not require the patience of the saints to shape it, and it can usually be left to its own device. Burt said: “Let the style dry naturally.” “You should use the product, but it depends on the work to be done; use a little salt spray to achieve a messy matte effect, or use a soft wax to promote texture and curl.”

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

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Buzz cut

Traditionally, buzz cuts are shorthand for a way to resist “man” or turn you into another number. In your opinion, when the Clippers appear, your personality or social compliance will fall to the floor. It’s not that it can’t show off your beautiful appearance, but that’s the fact-you need to have its features.

The sad fact in life is that not all of us have satisfactory proportions of heads. Smith said, “Before making a hum, touch any bumps or bumps on your head, because they will be visible.” “I suggest you look in the mirror and imagine it, like a hum, ask Ask yourself if this is right for me?”

Once everything is ready, electric clippers should not be used. The length of the buzz may be consistent, but the small change in the Clippers guard may be the difference between Channing Tatum and Gollum. You also need a hairdresser to clean the edges. As it grows, don’t think you don’t need a little product. “You may want to add some products to change the texture, such as scrubs. However, to get a shiny polished appearance, products based on pomade can solve the problem.” Smith said.


Photo by Andrew Dick of Pexels

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