Treatments Essential For Men With Different Hair Conditions and Qualities

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Many of us are fascinated by the idea of sparse straw hats. It is easy to forget that baldness is not the only problem for men to worry about: thick, wavy, and often irregular hair can also cause problems.

Moreover, the influence of Don King’s release date will not only affect your appearance. A Yale University study showed that men who are dissatisfied with their hair are more self-aware, self-critical, and social than men who are weather-beaten. Even thinking of a day with bad hair can greatly affect self-esteem.

Before pulling out your hair literally, remember that when it comes to things on your head, there is no such thing as “normal”-just hair that happens to have been combed: hair that is unique to you. What makes it unique depends on its structure.

Assess your hair type

The thickness of hair varies-from 50 microns (measured in one millionth of a meter) for people with thin hair to over 100 microns. The thickness also depends on the number of individual hairs on the head.

The way the hair behaves depends on the shape of each shaft. For example, Asian hair is usually round and therefore straight. Caucasian hair is slightly oval and tends to become very thin due to varying degrees of undulation. African Caribbean hair is flat and curvy, giving it a distinctly curly appearance.

More importantly, the density of the hair (how many individual hair shafts are on the head) is affected by its color, with blond hair having the most hair and red hair having the least.

Hair Affair author Wendy Lewis (Wendy Lewis) said: “Half of the fight is learning how to deal with the hair that has been given to you.” “You may know the behavior of hair best, but make it look healthy, shiny and Ease of management may require a little knowledge.”

To this end, this guide can help you. Whether your mop is wavy, curly, curly or thick, or just refuses to lie flat, we have a victory plan that can defeat any type of bad hair.

Treatment: thick hair

Just as it is difficult to sympathize with a billionaire who complains about the expensive price of his yacht, it is also difficult to sympathize with a man who complains that his hair is too thick. However, if you are the person with the problem, then the thick thatch may always haunt them.

Jaymarie Winkler, store manager of the new Ruffians barber shop in Liberty, a London department store, said: “The main problem with thick hair is the manageability and absolute volume of the hair.”

How to style thick hair

Generally, a slightly shorter hairstyle works best here. Winkler said: “Think of Caesar’s edges, buzzing cuts, textured crops and short, choppy peeling crumbs.”

If the hair is particularly thick, ask your barber or stylist to use special thinning scissors to remove some of the weight. “If your hair is very thick, this will help, but if your hair is also very thick, avoid doing this because it will make your hair fluffy and even difficult to handle.”

It is also worth letting the hair dry as naturally as possible, because drying will increase the volume of the hair and make it look thicker. If it is necessary to blow dry, please stick to a cool environment.

the best hairstyles for men with thick hair

What product to use for thick hair

Does not make the mousse rich. Thick hair can benefit from styling products, and styling products do not increase hair volume or stickiness, so Winkler recommends storing it on clay or paste.

According to Paul Morgan, a hairdresser at Jacks of London, a good moisturizing shampoo and decent conditioner are also essential. “They will prevent the hair from drying out and keep it in good condition, which is important because if the hair dries, the epidermis (the outermost layer of the hair) will remain open and look even thicker, like straw.”

The conditioner also helps keep thick hair under control, thereby making the hair smoother and less bulky. Morgan said: “Moroccan essential oils can moisturize the hair, so it is excellent for thick hair. Long-term use can change the texture and soften the hair.”

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the best products to use on thick hair


Treatment: curly hair

About 40% of Caucasian men have slightly wavy hair. If you are one of them, it means you get along well-David Gandy, Orlando Bloom and Roger Federer (Roger Federer) are three famous men who know how to navigate the waves.

Like curly hair, wavy things can look bulky and tend to react to the weather-when high humidity or the air is drizzling, the waves become more noticeable. If your hair is very long, other waves will also sprout, knotting and tangling where you don’t want to appear.

How to style curly hair

Winkler said: “In many ways, wavy hair is not a bad thing, but a holy grail of various types.” “Almost all styles can be used, but any postponed method can indeed show that wave. But if Your hair is thick and wavy, and the barber can use a razor or thinning scissors to distribute some of it without risking frizz.”

For people with wavy and curly hair, particularly good haircuts include: undercut (the sides and back are kept super short, and the hair is worn on the top for a long time), the side of public schools (the edges hang backward) or scattered (such as Jon Snow) Or Harry Styles). Just remember: the longer the hair, the more obvious the waves, so if you want to control the goal, keep the length of your hair under three inches.

To tame longer wavy hair (usually a bit irregular), Morgan recommends tying it loosely overnight. “In the morning, it will have a natural, messy, wavy appearance-maintenance costs are extremely low and effortless.”

The Best Wavy Hair Styles For Men

What product to use on wavy hair

Winkler said: “I recommend sprinkling some sea salt or volumizing spray before using a gloss pomade or styling cream to make the taste refreshing.”

You can maximize (and take care of) your waves with hairdressing products that are designed to define and enhance curls and waves, while using anti-frizz serums to reduce the appearance of the crazy scientist.

If you really want to wave goodbye, you can remove it temporarily with the help of a pair of ceramic straighteners at any time. If your cut is particularly short, choose models with smaller plates because they provide greater accuracy-this is the difference between a smoldering appearance and secondary burns.


the best best styling products for men with wavy hair

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Treatment: curly hair

Celebrity hairdresser and tribologist Guy Parsons said: “Curly hair is curly because the follicles that grow from under the scalp are not straight.” Generally, the texture of curly hair is rougher and The thicker the hair, the less water it holds, and therefore the drier.

“It also absorbs light instead of reflecting light, so it doesn’t look as’shiny’ like straight hair,” Parsons said. “Another disadvantage is that it becomes curled in wet weather, which is why it is important to use products that form a protective cover around it.”

How to style curly hair

Many people find that the care of curly hair is overwhelming and ignores the irony of the 1980s comedy (“Of course, this is not the easiest hair type to manage,” Parsons admits).

You have three options: cut to make it wrinkle resistant (this is how Justin Timberlake handles the top of his infamous curly mop), remove curls with a relaxing treatment, or-so far this is The simplest and most authentic choice-you can make full use of everything that nature gives you. After all, there doesn’t seem to be enough curly hair poster boys: James Franco, Adrian Grinier and Carlos Valderrama. Okay, maybe not Valderrama, but you know it.

“To maintain and define curly hair, ask the barber to perform a flat, layered cut to create a complete curly effect,” Morgan suggested. “You don’t want too much thinning or texturing to happen.” Curly undercuts (short on the back and sides, long and curly top) always look good, as do curly curls and Aiden Turner’s hair in Poldark same.

No matter which style you choose, make sure to cut or shape it when dry. Curly hair will be more relaxed when wet and will rebound a little when dry, so cutting hair in this way can ensure the desired style and length.

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the best curly hair styles for men

What product to use on curly hair

Morgan said: “Product selection is crucial for curly hair.” Morgan recommends using moisturizing shampoo to prevent hair from drying out and frizzy, and pairing it with styling products such as Moroccan oil styling cream. He said: “It can be used on wet hair and has an incredible moisturizing effect. It is perfect for curly hair.” “This will help define curly hair and provide a good styling effect.”

When in trouble, please choose the right tool. Use a brush designed for thick and curly hair to keep your hair tangled free. They have soft teeth that can gently tangle and smooth the cuticle of the hair while minimizing damage. Similarly, using a hair dryer with a diffuser to dry the hair will help protect the hair and make it frizzy without making it frizzy.

Morgan said: “To make curls look more relaxed, just dry the hair with a towel, and then use a standard hair dryer nozzle or funnel to straighten the hair to make the curls more relaxed.” “Or, if you want to get rid of them, correct them. The straight machine can provide you with a new look for a day.”

Just remember that adding heat to the curls, together with alcohol spray and mousse, can make the originally dry hair drier, so don’t forget to use moisture-rich, fragrance-free shampoo and occasional deep care Hair always reverses the effect. .

the best products to use on curly hair

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Treatment: unruly hair

Like young children, they have obedient hair, behave or behave unruly and provocatively. Since your hair is unique, it may have its own kinks and quirks. You will embrace and learn to live with most of them, but a couple (ie bull head and double crown) can be particularly problematic.

Crowns are (mostly clockwise) hair strands, formed at the center point of the back of the skull, starting from the top of the head and going down, but some people have two, thus forming a “double crown”. For barbers, this can be tricky because they have to deal with two growth centers to adapt.

At the same time, cattle lick is a small part of hair that is opposite to the general direction of the hair growing on the head, forming anti-gravity tufted hairs, which will stick to and resist most waxes and pomades. Try to tame the product.

How to style

Winkler said: “If you have an obvious double crown, you must choose a long, short and short style.” “A longer crown will reduce its weight and make it less noticeable, while a short and turbulent crown will Hide it.” Anywhere in between, you are in trouble, the different parts of your hair are clearly separated.

The easiest way to deal with stubborn beef tendon is to use short hair, spiked or textured styles, rather than using them in conjunction with them, thereby masking overactive hair in the process.


the best men's hairstyles for unruly hair

What product to use on irregular hair

There is no potion to help here. However, some style design techniques can make things easier.

For example, if something goes wrong, blow drying can temporarily change the direction of hair growth, while longer hair growth can help reduce hair weight.

Interestingly, it is also a good habit to reduce the number of shampoos, because natural oils will depress individual strands at the roots.

the best products to use for unruly hair

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