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7 Ways Buying Used Auto Parts Can Save You a Lot of Money

Source: a1part.ca

Having your own car is very useful. It allows us freedom of movement, at any time, without depending on anyone. It makes our travels more comfortable, because we can take a lot of luggage. It is available to us day and night, and if we keep it in good condition, we can always count on it. It gives us a sense of complete freedom in our decisions and plans.

Every homeowner knows that owning a car can be a daunting task. There are many factors that determine how our car will serve us. Whether it is new or used, how much we drive it per day, how much mileage it has already traveled, how we maintain it and how well it is made … and there is a factor of happiness, which is not to be neglected. However, no matter how hard you try and be conscientious and meticulous, there comes a time when something goes wrong and when a bigger investment is inevitable. Sometimes a vital part fails, or damage occurs during a car accident. It is certainly not the same if you have to replace a light bulb, windshield or some part of the engine.

It is understood that the most expensive thing is to go to the official service, buy a new part and install it there. New is good and has warranty, but sometimes we could try something else. People buy used auto parts en masse, which often serve them for a long time and without any malfunctions.

If you are new to used parts and have no experience with it, here are some recommendations that will help you:

1. Go to your mechanic

Every car owner has, in the neighborhood, a mechanic who has his own service, performs various repairs and certainly knows the condition of your car. His service is a crossroads and a place where many people gather, where they exchange experiences, buy cars and even used parts. To begin with, go to one such service, present your problem and consult what you could buy and where, and that it is used and correct. Usually the job is done quickly, the part you need comes up, if it is not available immediately, it will be in a couple of days. Your mechanic will install it for you and all that will be incomparably cheaper, compared to the variant of the new part and installation in the official service. Also, if something does not work properly, you can always go back and advertise the part with a well-known mechanic. If he is a respectable master and a credible man, it is certain that you will have a great time in this transaction.

2. Junkyard

Source: motor1.com

The “take the tools and go to waste” option is perfect if you, yourself, an expert, news and a good connoisseur of the car and its parts and methods of work. There you can find extremely well-preserved and quality parts, which you would remove yourself and thus pass even cheaper. For the connoisseur, waste is like a treasure trove, because a lot of unused car parts are at hand and can be used very well. There are also people with knowledge and experience working on waste, and you can consult with them about your problem and search for a specific used part.

3. Online shopping

As with any thing, today, it is possible to buy auto parts online. There are sites like usedpart.us and ads that deal with this issue and it is possible to find incredibly affordable, compatible, and rare used parts. Maybe you need a specific seat, and the new one costs fabulously. Surely someone has it in the online offer. Of course, do not stare, first consult a mechanic, check the seller’s reviews and then answer for the price and delivery. There are also big discounts on online purchases of new parts, at certain times of the year. For Christmas, New Year, Eastern … many companies significantly reduce prices for online shopping. Follow, get informed, maybe what you need will appear, at a good price, and completely new.

4. Environmental benefits

Buying used parts is also useful for maintaining the environment. By using these parts, you are actually recycling them and contributing to reducing production and preserving the planet. While this may seem like the least you can do, statistical research says it saves 85 barrels of oil a year. This information is not to be neglected at all, so you will not only save your budget, you are doing someone good and protecting your environment.

5. Repaired parts

There are parts of the car that the masters repair in detail even after the sale. They are a bit more expensive than used ones, which are just taken from somewhere, but are still cheaper than new ones. If they are well repaired, they can serve you well for a long time. Since someone repaired them and has an insight and a detailed inspection of the condition, look for a warranty. Of course it is impossible to get a guarantee as for a brand new part. But the master knows what he did and how long this part could serve you without spoiling. If he is really businesslike and responsible, he will give you a certified guarantee.

6. OEM standards

Source: contelec.ch

Nowadays, many cars are subject to OEM standards (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This means that the parts of your car are made, as well as recycled, according to certain, universal standards. So, even recycled, used parts that have this label will be compatible and can be easily replaced on your car.

7. Lower costs

This important and unavoidable item will definitely be represented in such a transaction. The purchase of the part itself will cost a certain amount, depending on the basic characteristics, type, condition in which it is … Then, count on the price of mounting that used part. Agree, in advance, on the price of installation, so that it does not turn out to be higher than the price for which the part was purchased.


It is obvious that this way of repairing a car can be very cost-effective and useful. If you are lucky, and use your own or someone else’s knowledge, you can save a lot of money, fix your car very well, take care of the environment and drive happily wherever you want. Never a priori reject such opportunities, recycling is, nowadays, a valued and recommended thing, for many reasons. Know that a huge number of the world’s population manages this way. Join this general trend, you will surely cope with it and be satisfied.