5 Justin Timberlake Styles Without The Ramen Hairstyles

Is there a better follicle rag to get richer story than Justin Timberlake? The former N-Sync bartender’s ramen hair was disgusting, juxtaposed with Trump dresser and Shia LaBeouf’s tail, some of the lowest moments in the hair story.

Today, however, Timberlake’s tresses are considered one of Hollywood’s best tresses. Here’s how to get a sexy back and profile.

Simple but effective

Feeling different from your current style? Rather than cry, go to the barbershop and ask for this modern method to decorate the timeless axe. Although it is almost a universal flattery, it is best suited for those lucky characters with square faces like JT. The man with a receding hairline is the only one who wants to think twice because the receding cut will emphasize those points of decline.

“Should have a short back and sides, let the first fade into the long hair at the top, and cut a texture with scissors,” Smith said. “Leave two inches at the top, as this is when creating a messy and loose shaft key.

When styling, apply fiber or cream to your hair when dry, creating a more messy texture with your fingers and still maintaining a neat appearance.

Justin Timberlake Hairstyles

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Peacock Pompadour

Choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape is crucial, and sometimes only minor adjustments are required. For example, those round-faced guys can still be swept back, but they should choose a slightly higher Pompadour based on the length they need.

“The main difference (with pompoms) is that pushing the hair back and styling it on the forehead results in a high curling feel and a bouncing feel,” Smith said. “Leave at least two to three inches at the top and cut the scissors short, but don’t make a strong contrast.”

The more hair, the longer the styling time. “Dry the freshly washed hair with a towel and blow dry it while combing it from the forehead to the top of the head. Then apply a pea-sized pomade , run your fingers through the hair, allow it to air dry, and recombine bangs clear].

Justin Timberlake Hairstyles

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Grooming lumberjack

After something a little grey, don’t you want to spend a year in the hut in the woods? Timberlake book out of the leaf, the top keep a messy beard , top texture tidy, neat side.

“This look is great for men with natural kinks or wavy shapes, because they can take advantage of this look when styling,” Smith said. “Fade back and sides to a shorter length, then blend together to blend on the sides and Contrast between the tops. Scissors are required to cut the top open to create an uneven textured look. ”

The key to this style is to keep the sides tight to keep the square, which can be achieved by minimizing frizz. “Take an appropriate amount of styling cream, then rub it on the palms until it is heated, and then apply with your fingertips from behind the crown to the front and with your fingertips from beginning to end.

Justin Timberlake Hairstyles

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Award-winning lock

Timberlake has won 10 Grammy Awards, and we bet that if there is the freshest award in the field of hairstyle excellence, he will add another award for this. Of his favorite Punta Badu (Pompadour) riffs, where more emphasis on the front of the pebbles, texture and keeping the rest off. This look is easy to achieve, just as it requires short backs and sides (long tops), especially on the edges .

“Similar to Pompadour, Quiff is a universal hairstyle that works with most hair types,” Smith said. “But if you want to thin, you should avoid this cut because you need a lot of hair to get the edges. Round. ”

To style, dry your hair with a towel, then use sea salt spray as a styling agent before blow drying and lifting your hair with your fingers. “It’s done with a nickel-sized styling paste and then moved forward from the back to the head, focusing on the edges for added clarity. Just avoid disrupting the natural separation effect, as this creates a realistic look.”

Justin Timberlake Hairstyles

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Isn’t all these fancy beauty products one? Timberlake’s seemingly simple hum cuts off its basics and trims it by trimming the beards to keep the face underneath in balance.

“With this cut, there is a subtle contrast between the length of the sides and the top,” Smith said. “Choose a high-strength and skinny style, and use a 0.5 fade effect on the sides, and require number 1 on the top to create a weaker one. Contrast. ”

Facial hair is key here, so grab the Clippers every three to four days and use a No. 4 handguard. “To trim the neckline, use the two-finger method above Adam’s Apple to round the face. Connect this point above the finger to the ear to form a U-shape.”

Justin Timberlake Hairstyles

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