Undercut Sides And Textured Length On Top: Is Peaky Blinders’ French Crop Haircut For You? (2020)

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The carnival performances of Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, razor-sharp suits, and beautiful bleeding hairstyles made the BBC drama Peaky Blinders attractive from the start. we. Immediately after World War I, a gangster family operated a crime racket in Birmingham. It has been one of the most fashionable things on TV since 2013, but obviously, not everyone agrees with the look of hair and makeup designer Laura Schiavo.

It took about a week to persuade the actors to cut their hair in case they were needed. Iddo Goldberg (played by Freddie Thorne) claims to be the first to shave, which encourages “Peakies” to imitate him. The main point of reference for the appearance is from Peter Doyle’s book Crooks Like Us: Sydney police portraits of criminals compiled from the 1920s, but this style was also inspired by military haircuts to some extent Tribute to history era.

Understandably, Peaky Blinders’ outfits — herringbone coats and Baker boy hats — have become popular off the screen, and Schiavo is still confused by the popularity of this hairstyle: “It ’s weird, when I first did this, men Children want to hide it with a hat, but they don’t need it now because everyone wears it. ”

Outside the screen, what’s appealing is that the hard back and sides reveal your skeletal structure (or beard), and the strong contrast between the styles above your head ensures that you use your brain. In addition, since the creation of Peaky Blinders, various undercut haircuts and faded haircuts have been the favorite of barbershops.

What is Peaky Blinders hairstyle?

When we first met the mob boss, Cillian Murphy, he had already returned to Birmingham from the land. Schiavo said his hair was worn in a “short, sharp, disconnected, unblended style.” It also draws on the style of the “recorder” or hooligan in the late 1890s.

Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders

Although the back and sides of most characters are shaved rough, the style of the top is different. Some wore Peaky Blinders hairstyles with a simple split on the side , some wore crops with French textures, some had fluffy hair , and some had smooth hair. This versatility may be another reason to become a popular IRL.

Schiavo explained that the gang mentality is also important because he said: “In the post-war era, ‘Peaky world’ was born, they used to shave their heads because of lice.” Yes, this fashionable and friendly hairstyle has a very practical A rather harsh feature that helps prevent the spread of lice between the army and the poor in the country.

She said, “But when I tailored the collection, the look I sought was that you can see the skin only when the boy is wearing a hat.” “This way, only when he takes off the hat, You can really see a single character. “This effect may also make it harder for witnesses to identify gang members if he gets involved in the show.

What is required

Observing the cast should give you an indication of which hairstyle is best for your own hairstyle . The series is so popular that your hairdresser may be familiar with its appearance, but in essence you need to ask for a broken undercut that does not fade.

“You have to have confidence in the real vacancies on the back and sides, ” said Joshua Gibson , principal of the Sassoon Academy in London . “Decide whether to keep the length of hair away from the face or the length of the hair. Get closer to your head and wear forward. ”

Paul Anderson As Arthur Shelby In Peaky Blinders

Usually the most violent character, Paul Anderson, has the most extreme bottom line. Ideally, you need straight and thin hair to do this, leaving a longer part in his second half , and he will pull back . To become the respected face of a “legal” business, Tommy himself wore a slightly soft crop on his face and swiped to the side. His brother, Joe Cole, wore it apart, reaching into short, smooth curtains .

Styling skills

Assuming you don’t hide it under a flat hat, Gibson says the best way to style your hair based on your hair type is: “If your hair is straight, it’s best to use wax or hair Comb off the face. Frizz-type hair will benefit from light oil, such as Illuminating Oil from Sassoon Professional to keep hair smooth.

Gibson also recommends using a product that resembles a mushy texture to make blond hair, small or receded hair fluffy . He uses this style look, and also recommends Nioxin Cleanser 2 to prevent the accumulation of heavier products. “Arthur” and “John” need a styling pomade, which must have a high gloss and feel, while “Tommy” needs a matte texture.

Cillian Murphy As Tommy Shelby In Peaky Blinders

Key Products


Want to style your hair with the official Peaky Blinders kit? Schiavo uses Tancho High Grade Tique in most of its collections, a light hair styling wax with a lavender scent. It is speculated that a soft fragrance is more suitable for the early 1920s than modern hair (method actors pay attention to such details). It comes with a push-up bar to help deal with flowing hair without adding too much shine.

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Sa Saju Brightening Serum

At the scene, Schiavo mixed Tancho with hairspray to give Arthur and John a wet look. We love Sachajuan’s Shine Serum Essence, which gives hair high gloss while protecting the hair.

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Reuzel Pomade

For the fifth series, Schiavo switched to Reuzel Pomade for shaking. According to your preference, this formula provides some formulas that cover thickness and high gloss for a matte effect.

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Reuzel Fibre Pomade

Kent Colm

To type according to John’s method, you need to style the hair with an accurate comb (such as Kent’s handmade comb) after wetting the hair.

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Tangled Teezer

After breaking up, use Tangle Teezer to smooth any comb marks as suggested by Joshua Gibson.

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Peaky Blinders haircut is easy to follow compared to other complicated hairstyles of other celebrities. Even some ladies can follow Peaky Blinders hair if they want a really boyish look. But how to make Peaky Binders haircut becomes your haircut? How to add a bit of personality? One of the good ways is to choose a unique color. Here we recommend burgundy.

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