Boys ! Time To Shoot Your Problems Directly and Here’s Your Way Out

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hair. How hard is it really? It turns out. From using the wrong product to using too many correct products, to using products to create styles that you shouldn’t bother about, there are many things that can be solved.

To help eliminate these hairs with large pores, we have invited some of the top hair quality experts in the UK to scratch their heads, put dirt on their most annoying hair mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Use two-in-one shampoo and conditioner

To understand why this particular error is a serious barnet error, some science is needed. Every hair on the head is covered by “scales” called “cuticles.” In order to properly clean the hair, it is necessary to use shampoos to “open” these cuticles to release any adhering contaminants or product buildup. On the other hand, the job of a conditioner is to moisturize and then “seal” the hair scales.

“As a result, two-in-one shampoo and conditioner products do not work at all,” said Daniel Davis, manager of the barber shop at Pall Mall. “A single product cannot open and close the stratum corneum at the same time. The result is that the hair is clean and neat, but the stratum corneum is not closed, which means that the hair absorbs pollutants and gets dirty faster.”


In order to give your Pompadour the greatest chance of standing, Davis recommends that you wash your hair with a special shampoo at the beginning of the shower. After thoroughly rinsing, apply conditioner according to your hair type, then soak it in the rest of the shower, then rinse it off.

“The system can deeply clean the hair and scalp, and give the conditioner time to penetrate into the hair, keeping the hair healthy and moisturized.”


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Skip scalp care

Shampooing is good, but it will be futile if you care for your scalp inappropriately. Aveda master barber Stelios Nicolaou said: “It is very important to take care of the scalp to ensure optimal hair health.”

For people who use heavy styling aids such as wax or gel, this step is particularly important, because if you can’t get rid of the daily tangles, it may cause dry hair, inflammation and even dandruff.

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